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Support for PaperQuote 2.0
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PaperQuote '01 uses fewer system resources than PaperQuote 2.0. It has three times as many features, such as previews and look backs, and it supports Active Desktop and secure proxy authentication. It also comes with a slide show screen saver, support for custom skins, added benefits to channel creators, and it's even smaller in size and easier to install. Installing PaperQuote '01 will automatically update your PaperQuote 2.0 software.

The best way to resolve support issues with PaperQuote 2.0 is to visit the Download page and install PaperQuote '01.

(This support topic was last updated on April 26, 2001.)

User Tip
Don't let all of the new features in PaperQuote '01 scare you. You can still get new wallpapers and quotes with one click of a mouse.
— PaperQuote Team

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