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Updating from 2000 Beta
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Unfortunately, PaperQuote '01 doesn't automatically copy settings from the beta version of PaperQuote 2000 (although it updates from PaperQuote 2.0 just fine, and even uninstalls all of the old 2.0 files after the update). If you want to keep the settings you've been using with PaperQuote 2000 Beta, just follow these steps:

1. Make copies of the channel.dat and favorites.txt files, found in the installation folder of PaperQuote 2000 Beta. If you want to keep your cache, copy the whole cache folder, too.

2. Uninstall PaperQuote 2000 Beta (and delete the installation folder by hand if it isn't automatically removed).

3. Install PaperQuote '01 and copy the backed up channel.dat and favorites.txt files and, optionally, your old cache folder, into the new installation folder.

If you didn't follow these steps, you may need to reinstall PaperQuote '01 after uninstalling PaperQuote 2000 Beta to make sure all of your files, including the screen saver, are intact.

(This support topic was last updated on March 14, 2001.)

User Tip
If you want to see your latest wallpaper without minimizing any running applications, simply right click on the PaperQuote™ system tray icon and select Activate Screen Saver.
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