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This support topic will teach you the basics of installing and changing skins for PaperQuote '01.

Installing Skins
PaperQuote™ skins are simple to install as long as you have support for Zip files. A Zip file is an archive that contains other files. You can download one of the most popular Zip utilities from

Once you can handle Zip files, download the skin files you see on this site and extract their contents into your skin folder, usually found at C:\Program Files\PaperQuote\Skins. Follow the instructions of your chosen Zip utility to extract the files.

You may need to reopen your PaperQuote™ main window before your recently installed skins will appear in the Skins section of the main menu.

Changing Skins
Skins are changed from the PaperQuote™ main menu. Open the main menu by right clicking anywhere on the PaperQuote™ interface or clicking the button in the upper left-hand corner. Then select Skins | [Skin Name] to use an installed skin. If you have installed your skins somewhere besides the skin folder, you can select Skins | Browse for Skins to open them.

Custom Skin Support
You must be running PaperQuote '01 or better to install and use custom skins. Custom skin support is not available in PaperQuote 2.0 or PaperQuote 2000 Beta.

(This support topic was last updated on April 24, 2001.)

User Tip
If you want to see your latest wallpaper without minimizing any running applications, simply right click on the PaperQuote
system tray icon and select Activate Screen Saver.
— PaperQuote Team

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