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Do you leave your computer on overnight and let PaperQuote '01 automatically change your wallpaper? Then make sure you are using build number or higher.

You can check the build number of your PaperQuote '01 software in the About box after the title. To find out which build is currently on our download servers, visit the Installation Help page.

Error Messages
If your screen saver ever displays an error box, or a list of error boxes, you may have a corrupted image file in your PaperQuote Cache. You can easily fix this by deleting the corrupted image. Simply right click on your PaperQuote software and select Tools | Recent Images. Now click on different entries until you find the corrupted image and then click on the Delete button or hit your Delete key. You may want to download the latest build of the software since it prevents this rare problem from occuring.

Caching Images and Power Management
The latest version of the PaperQuote '01 Screen Saver has been optimized to not accesses your hard disk after it has displayed each of your recent wallpaper images. Although the images were normally cached by Windows in the past, now they are cached automatically by the PaperQuote '01 Screen Saver. This allows for advanced power management features, such as automatic standby mode, to work more easily.

Error When PQ '01 Launches Automatically
If you ever received an error message in your PaperQuote '01 Screen Saver while running it overnight, simply download and install the latest build of the software. Some early builds of the PaperQuote '01 Screen Saver would generate an error when the the recent images folder (cache) was full and PaperQuote '01 was automatically downloading an image.

Bitmap Is Not Valid
If you are running PaperQuote Beta 2000, you may see this error when your display is set to 256 colors. To fix this error, make sure you upgrade to PaperQuote '01. You can find special installation instructions for users of Beta 2000 on our Updating from Beta 2000 page. You may also want to change your computer's display settings to show 16-bit or 24-bit colors.

(This support topic was last updated on Aug 14, 2001.)

User Tip
Did you know that you can make the screen saver display your favorite quotes between images? Go to the Options dialog and change the screen saver settings to enable this feature. — PaperQuote Team

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