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If PaperQuote '01 won't connect to any wallpaper channels, even though you know you have a valid Internet connection, you may need to add or adjust your proxy settings in the software.

Some ISPs use proxy servers to connect to the Internet. You can add the necessary proxy settings to PaperQuote '01 by right clicking on the PaperQuote system tray icon (next to the Windows clock), and selecting Tools | Options. In the Options dialog, select the Proxy tab.

You will probably only need to fill out the proxy port and server name. If your proxy uses authentication, you should also enter your user name and password.

If you don't know your proxy settings, ask your service provider or network administrator. You may be able to find your proxy settings on the support pages of your service provider's Web site. See the tip at the top of this page for an alternate way to find your proxy port and server name.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Sometimes you need to make sure your proxy settings are turned off in PaperQuote '01. To turn off a proxy server on some early builds of PaperQuote '01, you must delete any entry in the Proxy Address field.

(This support topic was last updated on March 22, 2001.)

User Tip
You may be able to find your proxy port and server name by going to the Options dialog of your default browser and looking at the connection settings.
— PaperQuote Team

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