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Active Desktop allows you to view special types of Internet content right on your desktop. If you are not using Active Desktop items on your desktop, it is best to turn off Active Desktop when using PaperQuote '01. You can do this by selecting Start | Settings | Active Desktop, and then unchecking View as Web Page.

If you are using Active Desktop items, like stock tickers, make sure you have PaperQuote '01 build number or later. You can check the build number in the PaperQuote '01 About box right after the software title. When using Active Desktop, we also recommend that you install the latest version of Internet Explorer along with any patches from Microsoft.

To see which build number of PaperQuote '01 is currently available on our download servers, visit the Installation Help page.

Active Desktop and Windows ME
If you are using Windows ME, you can disable active desktop by right clicking on your desktop and selecting Properties. In the Display Properties dialog, select the Web tab and then uncheck View my Active Desktop as a web page.

(This support topic was last updated on April 26, 2001.)

User Tip
To turn off Active Desktop, click your Start button and go to Settings | Active Desktop and uncheck View as Web Page. — PaperQuote Team

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