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Privacy Policy
We live in a digital age when even purchases at grocery stores are tracked to figure out our buying habits. That doesn't mean that the software we download should secretly gather personal information to be added to a remote database so we can receive targetted junk email, mail, and phone solicitations. The PaperQuote Team believes strongly in protecting your privacy.

Software Issues
The PaperQuote '01 software does not obtain, or transfer over the Internet, personal information such as email addresses, Web surfing habits, or buying patterns. When you install PaperQuote '01, you will not be installing any so-called "spy" software or hidden advertising system on your computer.

PaperQuote '01 can display ads based on the wallpaper and quote channel that you last used or the channel you are currently using. It only displays ads during the normal use of the software.

When connecting to servers, PaperQuote '01 reveals the version of your operating system along with the version of your PaperQuote '01 software. This behavior is similar to the behavior of most browsers and other Internet agents.

Email Policy
The PaperQuote Team will not share your email address with other companies. You will not be added to any email mailing lists without your consent. The PaperQuote Team does not send unsolicited email.

Web Policy
Cookies are not used on this site to create a personal profile of your surfing habits. Cookies may be used to count the number of individual users who have visited this site.

Demographic Information
When you purchase a premium channel or use email forms to contact us, the PaperQuote Team may gather general demographic information, such as zip codes, to better serve advertisers. This information helps to build a better understanding of the user base as a whole. It is not used to build individual profiles of any one user.

I never said, "I want to be alone." I only said, "I want to be left alone." There is all the difference.
— Greta Garbo

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