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Co-branded Software
The new PaperQuote '01 interface can place your brand, along with links to your website, on computer desktops every day. Give away a co-branded distribution PaperQuote '01 to build customer loyalty while providing this award-winning service to your audience.

A co-branded distribution of PaperQuote '01 does more than just display a logo. The following features make it an extension of your website:

  • Branded custom skin as the default interface
  • Graphic and link at the top of the main window
  • Graphic and link at the top of the Previews window
  • Credit and link in the about box
  • Your name as part of the screen saver
  • Customized wallpaper and quote channel lineup
  • Royalty free distribution

Co-branding elements remain in place after normal updates to the software.

Sample Screen Shots
The following screen shots show a co-branded version of PaperQuote '01 that was prepared for readers of the Lockergnome technology newsletters.

Premium Service
With premium service, the PaperQuote Team creates all graphical elements to your specifications, hosts your co-branded software on multiple, redundant download servers, and provides you with automatic upgrades and support for one full year.

Premium Service: $3,000

Basic Service
To qualify for basic service, you will need to create all of your own graphical elements and provide hosting for your software downloads.
To learn how to create a custom skin, visit the Skins Online page. The two link graphics are 106x18 and 334x22 pixels in size. You will be asked to supply the PaperQuote Team with your custom skin and link graphics when you are finalizing your order. You will be charged a fee for updates to your distribution of the software.

Basic Service: $2,000

Order Co-branded Software
To order your co-branded distribution of PaperQuote '01, call the Gibby Media Group at 1-800-200-1113 or email If you have created a wallpaper and quote channel for the Internet, or if you are making this purchase for a nonprofit organization, please inquire about discounted pricing.

User Feedback
"Let me say I've been using PaperQuote on my computer for many months now, and think it's the best thing that's happened to PC's in a long time!" — Joan J., OH

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