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Broadcasting Images
With the release of PaperQuote '01, you now have the ability to automatically display new daily wallpapers and screen saver images, or even just quotes of the day, on the desktops of a large Internet audience. Your wallpaper and quote channel for the Internet will become a unique and valued feature of your website.

In addition to broadcasting daily wallpapers and quotes, your channel for PaperQuote '01 gives you the following benefits:

  • Enjoy new traffic from a network of sites that offer daily wallpaper channels
  • Display links on the PaperQuote '01 software
  • Drive traffic to your website with the dynamic Channel Link popup
  • Provide advertisers with a new, effective way to reach your audience
  • Be listed on the popular Channels Online page (subject to editorial approval)
  • Qualify for special co-branding and advertising offers from the PaperQuote Team

Getting Started
If you have any questions, call us at 1-800-200-1113. You can find all of the documentation you will need to develop a wallpaper and quote channel by downloading the Channel Creation Kit (144KB). Download

User Feedback
"Our school uses PaperQuote. Its great!" — Bart R., Queensland, Australia

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