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Advertising Rates
The best thing PaperQuote can offer you, besides an ad space that gets noticed, is a smart, upscale audience.

All rates are based on a cost per thousand unique impressions (CPM).The software main window ad inventory (234x60 animated gif) and the previews window ad inventory (468x60 animated gif) can be purchased by the day or by the week. The channel popup (234x60 animated gif plus 3 full lines of text) can only be purchased by the day.

  • Main window: $4 CPM
  • Previews window: $6 CPM
  • Channel popup: $8 CPM
  • Website banners: $4 CPM

Main window ads can be targeted to popular wallpaper channels. You will be sent a detailed report each week on the success of your campaign.

User Demographics
The following demographics have been compiled from registrations and user feedback forms:

Age     Occupation  
12-17 2%   Clerical 10%
18-24 15%   Education 8%
25-34 29%   Executive 7%
35-44 23%   Homemaker 3%
45-59 24%   Laborer 4%
60+ 7%   Professional 27%
      Retired 7%
Gender     Sales 6%
Female 46%   Student 17%
Male 54%   Technical 11%
USA/CAN 74%      
Other 26%      

Advertise with PaperQuote
Take advantage of this great media opportunity by calling the Gibby Media Group at 1-800-200-1113 or emailing

User Feedback
"Thank you for the beautiful pictures! It's a great way to start each day, wondering what my computer will look like. I have told most of my friends and they, too, are using PaperQuote each day." — Randall C., Bothell, WA

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